Sport Coat Vs Blazer Vs Suit Jacket

what is the difference between a sport coat and blazer and sport coat

Sports Coats, Blazer Jackets, and Suit Jackets are surely some of the most commonly used top wear for each and every man out there. However, it is very important to understand the difference between these three to help you pick the perfect attire for the perfect occasion. Below mentioned are all the different characteristics along with the dressing tips that will make it easy for you to organize your complete wardrobe.

blazer vs suit jacket vs sports coat

Sports Coat

Sports Coat is one of the most casual kinds of jackets and is most unstructured. Initially, sports coats were specifically used by men while being indulged in outdoor sports. However, nowadays, a sports coat is one of the most affordable and commonly used jackets for casual occasions. It is one of the perfect picks for highly sophisticated casual wear.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • The jacket is loose-fitting and less structured. It allows various layers of clothing to be worn under it, without restricting any movement.
  • It comes in a varied range of colors as well as patterns.
  • It may even feature elbow patches, ticket pockets, pleats, and/or slits.

Fabric: Flannel, Tweed, Bird’s Eye, Camel Hair & Sharkskin
Patterns: Houndstooth, Shepherd’s Check, Herringbone, Windowpane & Madras
Colors: Sports jackets can come in almost every color.

Types of Sports Coats:

  1. 2-Button Single-Breasted: Pockets and elbow patches are some of the most common elements that are featured in 2-Button Single-Breasted sports coats for a truly casual look. These also usually have visible stitches, which actually differentiate them from blazers.
  2. 3-Button Single-Breasted: In this type of sports coat, only the middle button is supposed to be fastened for a casual look. In various 3-buttoned single-breasted sports coats, the top button may be solely for fashion purposes and not even designed to be fastened. Most of these sports coats also feature flap pockets.

Pairing with Sports Coats:

  • Bottom Wear: A pair of blue jeans go in perfectly with a dark-colored sports coat. It is perfect to carry a casual and stylish look. For a dressy look, you can consider pairing your jacket with any contrasting-colored trousers. However, make sure that the trouser does not have any kind of pattern and use a different fabric than your jacket.
  • Shoes: The shoes that you pick to pair with your sports coat would also matter a great deed on the type of bottom wear that you pick to wear. If you are going in with a pair of jeans, try to pair them with dress casual shoes like loafers, dress boots, and double monks. However, if you are carrying a lightweight jacket with black slacks, you can also consider picking tassel loafers or butchers.

Blazer Jackets

Blazers carry a less formal look as compared to a suit jacket, however, much dressier than a sports coat. Blazers actually got recognized in the 1800s when 6-button double-breasted jackets were commissioned for the British Navy aboard HMS Blazer warship. The queen of England liked the attire so much that these jackets started becoming more and more popular and spread across the world, with further transformations. These were very commonly used for work attire as well as leisure purposes.

Fabric: Worsted wool, Hopsack, Flannel, Serge, Cashmere, Flannel, Linen
Patterns: Solid, Paid, Ombre, Printed, Embroided, Tropical, Paisley
Colors: Navy, Blue, Red, and Bottle Green

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Blazers come in single-breasted as well as double-breasted varieties.
  • They usually have a more structured shoulder and have a more tailored finish as compared to a sports coat.
  • The buttons used for blazers are usually golden, silver, or mother of pearl.
  • Navy blue still remains the most commonly used color for blazers.
  • They are highly versatile and can be picked for a variety of occasions.

Types of Blazer Jackets:

  1. 2-Button Single-Breasted: It is one of the most versatile as well as commonly used blazers types. It can be effectively used for casual as well as informal events.
  2. 3-Button Single-Breasted: This type of blazer is usually perfect for taller men. It provides them with a more structured look and can be easily paired with different colored trousers.
  3. 6-Button Double-Breasted: This is definitely one of the most formal kinds of blazers there could ever be. They usually featured notched lapels and shout-out exclusivity.

Pairing with Blazer Jackets:

  • Bottom Wear: If you are going in with a classic navy-blue blazer, nothing better can pair with it than a grey flannel trouser. For informal or semi-formal attire, you can also go in with either khaki trousers or chinos. People can also try out pairing jeans with blazers for formal occasions. Those who have a knack for unique fashion statements can also pair their blazers with bright-colored trousers like red and green.
  • Shoes: Just like a blazer, you can be quite versatile with the shoes that you pick. You can pick a formal pair of shoes if you are going in with formal trousers. However, if you are wearing jeans or chinos, you can also explore all the other different casual shoes. For an elegant formal look, monk straps and bluchers are surely perfect.

Suit Jacket

A suit jacket is undoubtedly the most formal one. It is one of the most popular men’s dresses around the world and is usually worn with a pair of the same fabric trousers and is not much versatile. Suit jackets started becoming popular in the 19th century and have become a necessity today in each man’s wardrobe.

Fabric: Linen, Flannel, Tweed, Silk, Twill, Cashmere, Gabardine, Corduroy
Patterns: Windowpane, Herringbone, Babycorn, Chalk Stripe, Pin Stripe
Colors: White, Tan, Taupe, Brown, Medium Grey, Black, Olive, Blue, and Charcoal

Key Characteristics:

  • Worn strictly with a trouser and/or vest made of the same swatch fabric and weave.
  • Usually comes only in neutral colors as well as patterns. It is one of the most minimal out of all three types of jackets.
  • They usually feature notch peaks and lapels, which allow them to stand apart from tuxedos.
  • They usually have a more structured fitting and are not meant to be worn with layers of clothing.

Types of Suit Jackets:

  1. 2-Button Single-Breasted: It is one of the evergreen versions of suit jackets and is most commonly used. They also commonly feature flapped pockets and notched lapels.
  2. 3-Button Single-Breasted: A perfect pick for people with a taller and thinner body structure. Only the middle button in this style is meant to be buttoned.
  3. 6-Button Double-Breasted: This is one of the rarest types of suit jackets as well as the most formal ones. They are a perfect pick for special events.

Pairing with Suit Jackets:

  • Botton Wear: Ideally all suit jackets must be worn with the exact same fabric trousers. However, you can also try pairing your jeans with suit jackets for a casual look.
  • Shoes: Oxfords and brogues are the perfect picks for formal suits. For lesser formal occasions, you can also try pairing monk straps, dress loafers, and even boots.

You already must have come across the conclusion that Sports Jackets are the most casual form of top wear, whereas Suit Jackers are perfect for formal events. Blazer Jackets are the ideal combination of the formal and informal. All three of them are entirely different from each other and certainly have their very distinct uses and advantages. Either one of the jackets is not superior or inferior to the other one, it all depends on the occasion that you are headed for, and your personality for sure!

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