4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring Shape, Pricing and Buying Guide

best length to width ratio oval diamond

Years back there came to a revolution in the world of the jewelry industry. Yes, you are making a right guess we are talking about the 4-carat oval diamond rings. So, if anyone out there is determined to buy one such most precious ring then hurray you are at the accurate path.


Why Is It Complicated To Buy a 4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

Admit it or not but the greatest issue that pops up while buying a 4-carat oval ring is a dearth. It is nearly impossible to catch it in any small jewelry store. Even if you find one there will be the absence of 4cs. Additionally, you will never acquire the real worth of your money. So, always stay cautious whenever you decide to shop for a 4-carat oval diamond. So, always stay cautious whenever you decide to shop for a 4-carat oval diamond and consider the latest market trends in diamond ring price.


How Big a 4 Carat Diamond Is?

For an instant clarification about the above-mentioned question, we can say that a 4-carat diamond is comparatively bigger in size when you put it in front of other carat diamonds. To be more precise the size of a 4-carat diamond is circa 10.1 mm. However, the carat of a diamond does not necessarily indicate its size.

Moreover, you can achieve the appropriate clue about this parameter by cross-checking the diamond certificate. Especially, in oval diamond rings, the size of the diamond appears naturally giant all due to the cut and build. Hence, it depends a lot upon the cut plus the setting of a 4-carat diamond in the ring.


Dimensions of a 4 Carat Diamond Ring

vintage oval engagement rings

Foremost the dimensions of a 4-carat oval diamond ring revolves around 12.8mm x 8.6mm x 5.2mm. Yes, we are giving you a slight idea just because the exact dimensions vary from cut to cut. Besides, the length to width ratio and variations in the depth also makes a real difference.

Ahead of that, the weight of an oval diamond ring of 4 carat goes straight with its creation. But, you can sum it up in one way, a 4-carat ring will be four times heavier than a 1-carat diamond oval ring. For guiding you a bit more regarding the dimensions, see the image attached below. It will guide you to the appearance details of a 4 carat and a 1-carat oval ring.


Choosing the Right 4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut
  4. Certification

Trust us, these 4 cs of choosing a 4-carat diamond will surely do the expected magic for you. So, let’s have a glance at all of them.

1. Color

oval halo engagement rings

You see the choice of diamond’s color is indeed a personal matter but still, we would suggest you opt for an F or above. Basically, F is one grade near the colorless wheel. The extended area of an oval-shaped 4-carat diamond ring reflects more touch of yellow shade in the poor range diamonds. Thus, sort it out by not going below an F.

2. Clarity

Oval diamond cut calculator

Marking the charts of clarity, V52 would be the most favorable option for you. The properties of V52 diamond are tracked by the jeweler’s expertise at the scale of 10x magnifying glass. However, jumping beyond V52 is a commendable loop but it will jot along with the havoc of extra price tags.

3. Cut

Oval ratio comparison

Well, the c of cut is one of the most integral factors which drives the exceptionality of a 4-carat diamond. Not compromising with the cut is what you should always remember while putting your hands on an oval 4-carat diamond ring. Since at the end the maximum scope of your ring’s appearance falls on the grounds of cut. For selecting the best 4 ct diamond ring mind up the stone ratio of 1.35-1.50.

4. Certification

Being correctly informed about the certification scenario of a 4-carat diamond is a massive must for you. Blow off all the possible speculations and simply prioritize the certification of GIA or AGS. These two top-notch labs never bear any false play on the grounds of carat diamond certification.

Pricing of a 4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

Listed an approximate price comparison of a 4-carat oval diamond ring in ascending order.

$30,000 approx. 4.2 K SI1
$40,000 approx. 4.2 J VS2
$50,000 approx. 4 L SI1
$83,000 approx. 4.1 H VVS2
$810,000 approx. 4.1 G VVS2
$87,000 approx. 4.1 F VS2
$99,000 approx. 4.1 E VS1

4 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Settings

You can follow any one of the following settings for your 4-carat oval diamond ring-

1. Prong Setting

The prong setting is the widely used alternative for a 4 ct oval diamond ring setting because it never covers even a single stone. Prongs are the tiny wires that compile the design of a diamond ring.

4 Prong Setting

Ring settings for oval stones

The next option that you can adopt is a 4 prong setting which will form 4 prong while highlighting the grace of your oval diamond ring in a congruous manner.

6 Prong Setting

Best setting for oval diamond

Well, if you ask us genuinely, 6 prong setting is a smarter choice instead of a 4 prong setting. Since it will guard your stone in an apt way.

2. Bezel Setting

The fourth and last setting for your 4-carat oval diamond ring could be a bezel setting. It is the simplest yet soberest setting that you can ever hang on. By compromising the continuous layer of metal all around your stone, the bezel setting creates an instant vintage impression. You can buy a bezel setting 4-carat oval diamond ring adorned with gold at the edges.

Here we presented all the insights for your dream shopping of a 4-carat oval diamond ring. Our article includes every factor plus recommendation such as color, cut, certification, setting, pricing, and dimensions for your ring. So, step forward for buying that most awaited 4 ct oval diamond ring now.

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