Top 8 Ways to Look Attractive & Beautiful

Do you sometimes feel that you are not looking up to the mark when it comes to looking attractive and beautiful?

Let us look at eight natural ways of looking attractive and confident.

Have a Healthy Smile!


If you have healthy white teeth, you will be smiling more. According to different studies, clean white teeth are a strong indicator of good health and hygiene. Thus, white teeth make us more attractive to others.

If you have dental issues, you might pay a quick visit to a Renowned Doctor in Dubai to get them fixed. Or, you could just grab a whitening strip and improve your smile instantly. Trust us; nothing screams beauty more than a naturally beautiful smile.

Voluminous Hairstyle

hair volume

If you want to appear like natural beauty, you might want to go for a voluminous hairstyle. Did you know lush and thick hair is associated with health and vitality? Voluminous hair makes you instantly look better.

In the case of thin hair, you can opt for hair extensions to give your hair that instant lift. Hair extensions aren’t only a quick fix to add length but also volume, which is why it is a perfect solution for those with naturally thin hair.

To get that natural look, make sure that the extensions are of the finest quality and that they match your natural hair.

If this is your first time trying out extensions, you must consider how much pressure and the weight you can place on your natural hair with the extensions, as these are attached underneath the outer layer of your hair to boost volume and still look natural.

Avoid Taking Everything Seriously

If you want people to naturally gravitate towards you, you should stop taking everything seriously. Happy people always appear happy and positive – no matter what happens. This is also the secret key to how they attract people to them.

Happy and humble people are always fun to be around. You get the point – ensure you don’t take everything too seriously and learn to enjoy life every day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid your responsibilities – it is important to have a balance.

Relax Your Visage


What comes to your mind when you think about an attractive face? We all know that an attractive face should be calm, relaxed, and collected. When we are stressed or tense – the jaw tightens up and emphasizes lines which can make us appear worn out and everything but attractive.

So, before going out or meeting people, you should relax your facial muscles into a gentle smile. This way, you can also trick your mind into producing feel-good chemicals, which will help you to improve your mood.

By gently smiling, you will also have more oxygen flowing through your bloodstream, enabling you to think clearly. At the same time, it can also reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, making you instantly more attractive.

Appear Tall

long dress

According to the universal beauty standards, taller people are considered more attractive – not to mention that taller people are also seen as more intelligent and successful. These are excellent reasons why you should try to make yourself look taller.

You don’t necessarily have to wear heels to appear taller – you might as well pull your shoulders up high while standing tall and thus kind of separate your spine with your legs. Believe us; this will instantly add a few inches to your height.

Glowing Skin

glow skin

You might have heard that things related to beauty are only skin–deep, which can be correct as long as your skin is flawless and glowing. Usually, smooth skin is ranked as a major factor in one’s overall attractiveness.

Similar to white teeth, flawless skin indicates good health. That said, if you want to add a dose of confidence, you might start giving your skin some TLC (tender loving care). Make sure to use a moisturizer, exfoliator, and serums that match your skin tone.

However, since much of your skin health comes from the inside out, you must stay hydrated and never forget to apply sunscreen daily!

Dress Appropriate

If you want to appear attractive and beautiful, you must also pay attention to how you dress. How about putting on that red dress? Red lips are considered to be the most arousing and attractive when it comes to your facial features.

Now, if you like red lips, you might as well consider wearing a red dress. People, especially women, are considered more attractive when they are in red. Make sure that you have a red dress in your wardrobe as well.

Accentuate Facial Symmetry

Did you know that facial symmetry is strongly associated with attractiveness? However, most of us are not perfectly symmetrical – for instance, our eyes might slightly vary in size. While asymmetric facial features are natural, you might want to boost confidence by accentuating symmetry with makeup.

Makeup is all about knowing which points to accentuate to make your face pop.


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Cheryl Carter

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