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different types of hair gel

Are you the one who uses hair gel on the random go without knowing anything about it? Hang on for a second, it could be a hair disaster for you. Yes, you heard it right there is a lot that you should understand regarding hair gels before starting to apply them. A dreamy hairstyle is something that everyone deserves but not at all the cost of using the wrong hair gel. No worries, here we are sharing everything to guide you appropriately for a fitting hair gel. So, let’s start our tiny encyclopedia based on types of hair gel and more.

What is a gel?

A gel is the result of a particle’s colloidal excretion which exists in nanometers to micrometers in size. This procedure turns possible through swells that often compose a jelly-based mass. So, the transparent jelly-formed liquid stands for gel.  However, its state appears similar to the solid in the stable position. Covering numerous purposes a gel extent as the king of self-care industry and especially in the creation of hair care products.

Types of hair gel based on functionality

  1. Shaping and sculpting
  2. Curl Defining
  3. Firm Control
  4. Extreme Hold
  5. Medium Hold

1. Shaping and sculpting

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As the name signifies a gel that stays dedicated for the hairstyling and sculpting chores goes in the label of shaping hair gels. These products perform wonders when it comes to achieving hairstyling goals. Especially the ingredients like Cera, Glycirend, Glycol, and Castor oil contribute to the efficiency of these gels. If you wish to achieve hair similar to the models on the cover picture then the type is exclusively for you.


2. Curl Defining

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Wait for a second if you have an illusion that styling your curly hair is going to be a challenging task for sure. People gone are the days when the market was loaded with only limited gels. Now, you can shout out the existence of a curl-defining gel that will enhance the striking expectations of curly hair styling and comes with pleasant pefume smell. Curl Quench with coconut oil ultra blended with paraben and sulfate-free properties chases the perfection of a curl-defining gel.


3. Firm Control

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No matter how you are planning to spend your day, a firm control hair gel will never drag you back on the grounds of good hair feeling. Yes, manufactured as the hair setting agent these firm control gels land with the amazement of Saponaria bark extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil. The sorted thing about a firm control gel is that it remains less sticky.


4. Extreme Hold

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Up next, the extreme hold gel is one of the most popular kinds of hair gel all due to the incredible versatility that it has to offer. Yes, this nonflaking formula is suitable for all hair types.  Besides, the compounds of Mica and Titanium oxide allocate the lovable shine. Such a hair savior lasts for more than you can imagine. The approx hold time ranges from 46 to 48 hours.  Not just that but an extreme hold gel redefines the texture by assigning a phenomenal hair day that you adore forever.

5. Medium Hold

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Showering the blessings of highly manageable hair, a medium hold gel is something which you can’t miss to include in your range of hair keepers. But you need not confuse the term medium hold because these products elevate the medium brook of shine while grabbing the medium hold on your hair. The empirical advantage of the stated is being lightweight. Also, if you crave for salon-like hair then a medium hold hair gel is the workable secret for you.

Types of Hair Gel for Different Hair types

  1. Dry Hair
  2. Oily Hair
  3. Frizzy Hair
  4. Normal Hair
  5. Fine Hair
  6. Thick Hair
  7. Chemically Treated Hair
  8. Textured Hair
  9. Dread Lock Hair
  10. Straight Hair
  11. Wavy Hair
  12. Curly Hair

1. Gel for Dry Hair

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Coping up with dry hair is not that easy. But, no worries you can always add on the magic of a firm hold gel composed of tea tree cool mint, and citrus. Believe us, after following the regular use of a firm gel on your dry hair you will observe the massive alterations in the quality and texture.

2. Gel for Oily Hair

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Nothing could be more irritating than handling the styling problems of oily hair but a shea edge tamer gel is the one-stop solution for you. Apart from styling and setting oily hair wonderfully, such gel also strengthens the roots, improves texture, and leaves a worthy shine. All in all in case you need to now treat your oily hair rightly with a remarkable hair care option.

3. Gel for Frizzy Hair

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Aiming to sort out the havoc of frizzy hair? Well, a hair gel with vitamins ketrin hair serum is the answer for you. The issue with frizzy hair is obvious that it tends to be terribly unmanageable but you can surely tackle it by using the right product at the right time. Moreover, an anti-frizz hair gel is able to rediscover the basic shine and volume too.

4. Gel for Normal Hair

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We all are familiar with the fact that a normal hair type takes along a great bundle of confusion. Which hair gel would suit my normal hair type remains the most generic question among people. So, blow off the pyramid of donuts and select a product that is loaded with the fineries of coconut. Since the extracts of coconut transform the life of normal hair types.

5. Gel for Fine Hair

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Everyone dies to find a way that can add volume to the fine hair type. Guess what? A volumizing hair gel is the in depth solution for you. The effectiveness of MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL is what you should pay for while picking up the best hair gel for thin hair. Also, such products will nourish your roots impressively.

6. Gel for Thick Hair

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It’s not an easy game to set thick hair. due to the bulkiness. Also, the widened volume creates hurdles in the hair care regime which makes them drastically dull and rough. But, now you can select a precious treasure for thick in the form of a strong sculpting gel. Whenever you think about buying a hair gel for thick hairs it would be worth going with the wheat protein sorbitol and menthol ingredients for rewinding the lost shine and smoothness.

7. Gel for Chemically Treated Hair

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If the harmful effects of contemporary hair care range has ruined your hair into chemically treated ones then it’s the high time to switch for paraben free hair gel. Do you know that the potency of olive oil properties serves as the healer for chemically treated hair? Yes, move up to mark a smarter choice for repairing your chemically treated hair.

8. Gel for Textured Hair

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Moving on, let us talk about the textured hair type. So, textured hair is also called type 2 hair because it mostly remains coily. So, for this hair type a shining plus conditioning hair gel is the key for renovation. But, assure that your hair gel for textured hair type must be open for braiding, twisting with smooth edges in order to deceive the best possible hold.

9. Gel for Dread Lock Hair

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Coarse hair is another name for dreadlocks but it does not necessarily apply only to the straight ones but the curly ones could be dreadlocks too. Consequently, for overcoming the roughness of your dreadlocks you are supposed to feed your hair with intense moisturizing hair gel that is filled with paraben-free ingredients.

10. Gel for Straight Hair

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Straight hair is often disappointing when you plan about trying multiple hair styling. The reason behind this difficulty is the flat nature of straight hair. Although, feel free to erase the cons of straight hair through applying a straight hair fixation gel that can expand the chances of glamming with a unique hairstyle every time you step out of the home.

11. Gel for Wavy Hair

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Wavy hair is neither curly nor straight. Yes, it’s something in between both these hair types. Thankfully, a 6 oz hold hair gel specially adorned with argan oil can do the appropriate job for styling wavy hair. Aside from that, the compilation of gel on your wavy hair will also assist you in experimenting with quirky hair dos.

12. Gel for Curly Hair

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In case you have a 4c hair type we can entirely understand your struggle. Yes, the twisted hair is often addressed as 4C hair too in the palace of curly hair. Are you dreaming of raising the hairstyling bars of your curls? Make it happen with a hair gel that contains the excellence of coconut oil.

Hair gel types based on properties

  1. Natural Gel
  2. Cruelty-Free Gel
  3. Vegan Gel
  4. Paraben-Free Gel
  5. Alcohol-Free Gel
  6. Oil-Free Gel
  7. Sulfate-Free Gel

1. Natural Gel

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Natural hair gel is the type that involves at least 5 percent natural ingredients but these are comparatively safer instead of taking chemically formulated hair gel.

2. Cruelty-Free Gel

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Cruelty-free hair gel never includes any harm to any animal during the procedure of testing. So, if you are a true animal lover then always cross-check if a hair gel is cruelty-free or not.

3. Vegan Gel

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A lot of people consider that cruelty-free and vegan are the same terms but there is a huge difference between the two. We mentioned cruelty-free but vegan hair gel is the one that is free from any animal byproduct or extract.

4. Paraben-Free Gel

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Paraben-free hair gels are free from all chemical pesticides that are used for extending the shelf life of a particular product. Parabens are really toxic and spoil the natural growth of hair. Thus, choosing a paraben-free hair gel is necessary for everyone out there.

5. Alcohol-Free Gel

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Alcohol is nothing less than the most dangerous demon for hair. That’s the reason why buying an alcohol-free hair gel is highly significant. Most of the alcohol-free hair gels come with no fragrance formula.

6. Oil-Free Gel

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Taking the idea of non-stick hair gels, an oil-free hair gel is a boon for oily hair. Moreover, such hair gel keeps hair clean while assigning flawless hold.

7. Sulfate-Free Gel

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If you are losing the natural charm of your hair then you should switch to a sulfate free hair gel that is skin-friendly and unscented. Additionally, a sulfate free hair gel will also help you in locking the lustrous styling of your hair.

How To Apply Hair Gelhow to use hair gel the right way

Decide on a Hairstyle

Choose a Hair Gel

  • Light, Foamy Gels – Made for offering a messy yet playful look
  • Medium-Hold Gels – Ideal for anyone who prefers to set shiny spikes. Medium hold hair gels are rigid than foamy gels.
  • Thick Gels – Perfect for Side Part and Slick-Back hairstyles.
  • These gels often hold your hair firmly for hours and sometimes days. Being the most long-lasting type of gel for nearly 21 hours or a day, thick gels are the hardest. Consequently, you won’t be able to wave your fingers through the hair once it gets to the room.

Wash Your Hair

  • Formset, it’s harder to apply the gel on the dry hair, and washed hair shapes the proper base for your favorite hair gel.
  • II cleans off all the dirt and stickiness from your hair
  • Gel never shows up amazingly if applied on unwashed sticky or greasy hair.

Apply the Gel on Your Hair

  • A pearl-sized amount for short hair
  • A quarter-sized amount for mid-length hair
  • Two or more quarter-sized amount for long or thick hair
  • Once you take out the gel on your try applying it slightly onto above your hairline through your fingers.
  • Now, go to the deeper hairlines
  • Once the gel is nicely spread over all your hair use a comb to part them in a wishful way.
  • A dime-sized amount if you have short hair (for those trying to learn how to gel short hair
  • Now pick your hairbrush, settle in your favorite hairstyles and you are good to go.

Tip: Most of the gel products comprise alcohol; which makes it a fast drying up liquid.

Tip: If you are in the middle of hairstyling always remember to use a comb instead of your fingers.

Precisely, a hair gel is an extraordinary product that personifies the perfection of your hair styling skills. Now, what else are you waiting for? Simplify your search in the row of the best hair gel while linking it with all these parameters. Lastly, never underestimate the significance of a hair gel in your life.

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