Master The Art of wearing right Skirt for your Body Shape

It is undeniable that within every woman lies a fashion fanatic who is often in the lookout of the latest trendsetters so as to embrace the world of fashion. Though it’s not a bad idea to keep-up with the current fashion trends, but things can go wrong when it does not compliment your body. Now, the golden rule here is that you should not go for any attire only because people are talking about it, rather understand whether it stands perfect for your body or not and then go for it. As styles that going to look great on you will always stick with you.

This is what brings us to the best skirt designs for different body types. Again, for discovering the right style of skirt you need to know your body type and then go for the ones that would match up perfectly.

  1. Skirts for Tall
  2. Skirts for Apple Body Shape
  3. Skirts for Pear Shaped Body
  4. Skirts for Athletic/Rectangle Body Shape
  5. Skirts for Petite
  6. Skirts for Inverted Triangle Body Type
  7. Skirts for Hourglass Figure

1. Tall

multicolor aline skirt for tall body shape

Now it’s time for the ladies with beautiful long legs. The tall body type is for those who have long legs and torso. For this body type it is crucial to determine the area that they want to highlight. For instance, if the idea is to lay importance to the hips then asymmetrical can do the trick, then again for nurturing the legs short and petite skirts are always recommended. Other than that pencil skirts are not such a bad option to for elevating those long torsos.

Style Tips: Pamper your body with any style of skirt but never go wrong with the tops that you choose.
Best Suited Skirt Types: Pick pencil or peplum skirts for formal events, asymmetrical for casual and long skirts for a any occasion.
Skirt Types to Avoid: Tulip skirts and pleated skirts will never go well with tall legs.
Brands: Alia Bhatt For Jabong, Dorothy Perkins, Stalk Buy & Love, Zovi, Koovs and Athena


2. Apple

white pencil skirt is best for Apple Body Shape

Apple is a curvy body type where stomach and bust are big whereas the hips are smaller. Best thing about this shape is that a majority of the skirt can go well with them, only when used with the right tops. Common picks would be peplum skirt and pencil skirts, combine these skirts with black tops or sandals for any occasion look.

Style Tips: Beware of the light colored tops with neutral tones that would elevate the size of your stomach.
Best Suited Skirt Type: With peplum or pencil skirts you will be the star of every show.
Skirts Types to Avoid: Tulip skirts, short skirts and A-line skirts are a big no, no!
Brands: Stalk Buy & Love, Vera Moda, United Colors of Benetton, Koovs, ABOF, Dorothy Perkins and many more.

3. Pear

wine knee length skirt for Pear Shaped Body

Pear is a distinct body type used to describe those with narrow shoulders, small bust and bigger thighs & hips. Those with this structure should learn to accentuate their assets, and this is best done with asymmetrical skirts. This type of skirts form an A shape, where the lower side is longer than the front. The use of these skirts would drive attention to the end point of the body, helping you have the widest part of your body covered in a competent manner. Thus, it balances your hips and makes your body appear as if it is designed for that skirt.

Style Tips: Stick to dark colors, as they would look flawless on pear body types.
Best Suited Skirt Type: Asymmetrical skirt can be your ultimate pick for casual and formal occasions too.
Skirt Types to Avoid: Long skirts, gown skirts and pencil skirts.
Brands: Athena, Femella, Alia Bhatt For Jabong, Stalk Buy & Love, Roadster and lot more.

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4. Athletic/Rectangle

black tulip mini skirt for Athletic Body Shape

When the craze of size zero was in town, there was one prominent body type that ruled every fashion fiestas and i.e. athletic. Just as the name suggests, this body type is owned by sporty beauties who have a strong and well structured slim body minimal curves. Skirts that would be the best for athletic are veil skirts that are tight and hence stand suitable to reflect the best parts of your body. Match these skirts up with a neutral top along with dark colored stockings, for creating a magnificent look.

Style Tips: Bold, simple or brave; get creative with any form that you want using veil skirts or neon style skirts
Best Suited Skirt Type: Short hazy skirts, drape skirts and tulip skirts
Skirts Types to Avoid: Gown skirts and long skirts.
Brands: Stalk Buy & Love, I Wear My Style, Femella, Athena, FCUK.

5. Small

black white striped midi skirt for for Petite or small girl

Small frame and short legs define the small body type. This is where the length of the skirt matters a lot. You need to focus on those skirts that are shorter in length or somewhere in-between the mid-way right above or below the knees, so that your small legs turn out to be your big pride.

Style Tips: Stay away from long skirts, and opt for short and medium skirts.
Best Suited Skirt Type: Breathe any occasion with pencil, short and mid-length skirts enlightened with sleek fabrics.
Skirt Types to Avoid: High length skirt, low waist skirt and A-line skirts.
Brands: Lara Karen, Stalk Buy & Love, Sangria, Dorothy Perkins, Koovs

6. Inverted Triangle

blue mini skirt for for Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted triangle is the authentic Indian body type where the shoulders of the body are broader than the hips. The use of skirts with floral patterns, or even A-line skirts can go pretty well with it. Never forget to match it up with a contrasting top such as kaftan tops, cowl tops, mid way tops and long tops too.

Style Tips: Go easy and never overdo with the parings of tops & sandals; balance with optimal accessories.
Occasion: Formal and casual
Brands: Faballey, Ama Bella, 9rasa, Miss Bennett London, Athena, Stalk Buy & Love, Code by Lifestyle, Cotton world.

7. Hourglass

black wrap skirt is perfect for Hourglass body shape type Figure

The last but not the least is a structure is the hourglass where the stomach is slimmer supported by curvy hips and ample bust. This body type stands to be perfect for tulip style, denim high and mid length skirts.

Style Tips: Use the right set of colors, as black can be a slimming one whereas orange would highlight your even toned stomach.
Best Suited Skirt Types: For formal event bring up the best of corporate style with tulip, gown and long skirts made up fabrics like georgette, polyester, viscose or even cotton too.
Skirt Types to Avoid: Pencil skirts and peplum skirts.
Brands: Miss Guided, Miss Bennett London, Alia Bhatt For Jabong, Dorothy Perkins and Stalk Buy & Love.

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