Difference between a Bikini and Brazilian Wax

difference between bikini vs brazilian wax

Getting your pubic hair waxed for the first time can be an intimidating experience especially if you aren’t very familiar with salon linguistics. It is akin to ordering a drink at Starbucks. Unwanted hair removal is necessary while preparing to wear your favorite beachwear and bikini. Hair removal is a personal choice with everyone having different preferences as to how much hair they want to remove and the method they wish to opt for. While shaving sounds like the more straightforward choice, it doesn’t guarantee long-lasting results which is why more people take the waxing route. Depending on the body part you wish to wax and your degree of comfort and experience, you can either get the waxing done at home or book an appointment with a professional aesthetician. However, the two of the most common forms of waxes that people have trouble choosing between are Bikini and Brazilian waxes. While chances are high that you’ve heard of both these terms, you might be wondering about its difference, and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today.

what is the difference between bikini and brazilian wax

Points of difference

Bikini wax

Brazilian wax

Definition A standard bikini wax removes the hair around your bikini region which otherwise pokes out from around swimsuit bottoms or underwear. Under bikini waxing, only the hair on the bikini line and a small portion below is removed to allow for movement. As a result, you can wear your preferred underwear without any worries. Women who wish to have well-trimmed hair can expect excellent results from bikini wax. All of your pubic hair is removed under Brazilian wax including the hair growing on your butt crack. This intensive form of pubic hair waxing removes all of your hair in stark contrast to other types of waxing. Also known as strip-less waxing, it renders velvety smooth skin that is completely hair-free. However, some people decide to leave a trim and tidy strip of hair in the center for added glamor.



Types 1. Bikini line:

Here your waxer will remove all hair along your bikini line which might protrude outside your bathing suit or underwear. You can confidently sport a pube-free look as all the hair from your upper thighs along the bikini line is removed.

2. Bikini full: 

The name of this variant of bikini wax is somewhat deceiving as it implies everything will be removed. However, it is not the real case as the hair from your pubic bone and labia is removed under a bikini full. However, the area surrounding the anus or butt strip is not included. This can be availed of as an add-on service to a regular bikini wax. Generally, the bikini full means bare skin on the front region or a small landing strip or triangle there.

1. Hollywood wax

Under this waxing method, all the hair around your pubic bone, labia, anus, and upper thighs is removed. Thus, you won’t get any little triangles or landing strips in sight. This type of waxing gets its nomenclature from its immense popularity among Hollywood actors. It is commonly known as “honeymoon wax” as it makes you confident about getting intimate.

2. French wax

Hair from your labia and pubic bone is removed under this waxing method leaving behind a small rectangular strip on the front of your pubic area (also known as a landing strip). This type of waxing is similar to Brazilian wax except for the fact that hair from the butt region isn’t removed so you can be a little more laissez-faire with your backside.

Best for people People who wish to tidy up their bikini region can opt for a bikini wax. This can add to their confidence quotient as their pubic hair remains well-groomed and maintained. If you wish to have smooth skin, then you can go ahead with a Brazilian wax. While intimacy is the primary reason for many people, others do it to feel more comfortable during their day-to-day lives.
Type of wax used The thickness of hair in your intimate area determines the type of wax used. However, most aestheticians prefer using hard wax as this allows them to remove coarse hair in a precise and clean manner. Since hard wax acts as an exfoliator, it decreases the chances of irritation in your intimate regions in the aftermath of the procedure. Both hard and soft wax is used for Brazilian waxing. However, hard wax is the preferred choice for dealing with inaccessible areas and coarse hair. Soft wax is more malleable making it the best choice for less accessible areas. You can expect fast results with minimal tugging when getting a soft wax performed by an experienced aesthetician.
Best for season This is best for the summer season so that you can enter the public pool or the beach with utmost confidence. You can try out Brazilian waxes throughout the year for that velvety-smooth feeling in your private parts.
Time taken Bikini wax removes less hair making it a quicker process. You can go ahead with this option if you have a busy schedule. It takes a lot of time to remove all undesirable hair with Brazilian waxing.
Best for the first time An aesthetician might suggest bikini wax to first-timers so that they can see how they feel about the whole drill and how their skin responds to the treatment. If you have commendable tolerance capabilities and prefer to remove all your pubic hair, then you can schedule a full Brazilian wax appointment.


Pain Both the waxing methods are painful and it is bound to hurt when you remove hair from a sensitive and intimate area. However, bikini waxing is less painful compared to Brazilian waxing and takes a shorter time. Since it removes hair from the top or sides of the bikini line, it provokes less pain. Brazilian waxing is a more painful and time-consuming method of hair removal. However, the pain tends to decrease over time as you schedule more frequent waxing sessions. Your pubic hair gets softer and more acceptable after each waxing session thus making it easier for the aesthetician to rip.
Cost While the cost varies widely, it is about 30-60% of the cost of getting a Brazilian wax.


The cost is approximately 30%–60% more than a bikini wax.

If you’ve never waxed before, then deciding the type can be pretty overwhelming. Since waxing down there is a difficult task, it is always advisable to possess good knowledge before choosing the type of waxing for your intimate zones. While the final decision is completely your personal preference you should envision the changes you want the waxing to do to your appearance and what you wish to attain from the experience. This will help narrow down your choices.

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