7 Cute Styles to wear your Boyfriend’s Shirt Perfectly

Shirts have always been uber cool when it comes to dressing up for tomboy girls. But there is so much more to shirts than you have always been thinking of. As if your own collection of skirts wasn’t enough, there are plenty of style you might love to try on with your boyfriend’s shirts. Well, in case you have a lovely guy who has no issues when it comes to shirt sharing, just grab one of them and look up to these styles you can try on.

Chic and pep to the peak, there is no way your boyfriend is gonna have his eyes away from you, let alone worry for his own shirt. What’s even better? You really don’t have to go buy one for next time!!


So here we present to you some amazing looks to put on this summer using your boyfriend’s shirt. If you happen to be happy enough to be single, you might go for a size bigger than you usually buy to have these on you.

1. The Knot Style

how to wear a boyfriend button down shirt, Knot Style

Simply pick up a cool shirt from your darlings wardrobe, roll the sleeves and knot it up at your bust or waist. Team this style with high waisted shorts/pants. You can even put this up on a maxi dress. You might doubt it to look boyish, but this is so in vogue.

2. The Half Tuck

how to wear oversized button down boyfriend's shirt, Half Tuck style

Half tuck always looks perky with shirts that don’t cling to you and are rather loose. Your man’s shirt would be perfect to keep one side tucked into your jeans while the other remains out. Spruce up the look with statement jewellery.

3. Convert into to Peplums

Convert boyfriend shirt into to Peplums

Oversized shirts are the best to be converted into peplums with a sleek belt. Just belt up the shirt at the waist and fold the remaining part of the shirt to form a peplum top.

You can also pleat in the shirt at the belt side to do the same.

Team it with a clinging skirt or trousers and you’re ready to kill!

4. Cross Wrap Tuck

Style boyfriend gingham check shirt with Cross Wrap Tuck look

While we showed you the cross tuck in with a shirt, your boyfriend’s shirt is the perfect pick to have a clean tuck. Simply cross the shirt at your waist and neatly tuck into your skirt or high waisted pants.

Keep the upper buttons open for a chic look.

5. Bow Skirts

wear boyfriend shirt into Bow Skirts style

You might have never thought of this, but this is amazing. Just step into the shirts and button it up till the waist making a bow with the sleeves.

6. Convert into a dress

Convert boyfriend shirt into a dress

You can wrap up a loose shirt and flaunt it like a dress as below.

7. Layer Up

Layer Up oversize boyfriend's shirt on t-shirt with jeans

Layers are all in this summer to save you from the scorching heat. Add up an extra layer by keeping the shirt open and style up with a large belt.

Here’s a Video Guide to do Five Fun things with your Boyfriend’s Shirt:

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