Latest 22k Gold Necklace Designs in 10 & 20 Grams with Price

There is no scope of questions that gold is the real king of all metals. Someone truly said that if you want to make your lady happiest, gift her a gold necklace. So, are you planning to buy one for your love too? Well, how about going with a 22k gold necklace design. As the name hints, you will acquire the purity of 22 karat gold with such a necklace. Above all, it won’t hit on your pocket really hard. In case if you are not familiar with the concept of 22k gold let us tell you that it is one of the most trending jewelry ideas in current days.

22k gold necklace sets with price

People who are permanent lovers of gold are preferring to buy 22 karat gold ornaments as it involves the similar shine and grace as the purest form of gold. Thus, without any further doubt in your mind, you can surely opt to choose your favorite kind of 22k gold necklace. The most lovely part about selecting these gold necklace sets would be that you can buy them for yourself or can gift them away to your loved ones. Here we are enlisting the best 22k necklace designs exclusively for you.


22k Gold Necklace Designs Under 10 Grams

1. South Sea Gold Plated Pearl Beaded Necklacegold necklace design with pearl

Expected price: $1000
Weight: 10.52

gold necklace for women

Expected price: $980
Weight: 9.51

Personify your affection for gold with this gold plated necklace, the magnificent pearls will catch all the possible attention for you.

2. Solid Gold Cable Chain Bazel Set Diamond  Necklace

gold necklace women

Expected price: $500
Weight: 6.62

Do you love to raise your collection of antique gold necklace designs? The incredible creation of this gold set with Bazel diamond beads deserves to elevate your beauty.

3. Pearl Beaded Multi Color Stone Chain Necklace

gold chain necklace

Expected price: $600
Weight: 7.36

The trend of pearls never turns out of fashion. So, buy this precious multicolor gold chain without any further thoughts, and let’s embrace your attachment with gold forever.

4. Lightweight Plain Gold Multi-Strand Necklace

gold necklace chain

Expected price: $650
Weight: 8.25

gold necklace choker

Expected price: $600
Weight: 10.89

charms for gold necklace

Expected price: $830
Weight: 10.79

Put your hands on the classiest necklace design you can ever come across. The tiny beads of gold evolved with pearls will reframe your perfect picture of a gold necklace design.

5. Real Diamond Rose Gold Pendant Necklace

gold necklace real

Expected price: $2400
Weight: 8.11

Wish to ensure a unique pick while buying a gold necklace set? Well, this rose gold neck chain compiled with an outstanding pendant is the end of the search for you.

6. Classic Round Shape Cubic Zirconia Rose Matte Finish Necklace

 gold coin necklace

Expected price: $740
Weight: 10.50

Nothing could be as precious as a gold necklace with a matte finish. Add on the spark to your ornament collection with this simple yet spectacular cubic-shaped 22 karat gold neckpiece now.

7. Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Fancy Pendant Necklace

gold necklace with pearl

Expected price: $1290
Weight: 6.90

Make everyone stare at your phenomenal choice of gold jewelry with this rose gold Zirconia neck chain adorned with the prettiest round designed pendant.

8. 18K Gold Two-Tone Flat Modern Delicate Tanmaniya Necklace

gold necklace set

Expected price: $340
Weight: 4.83

Redefine the goals of the 18k gold two-tone necklace design with the mentioned multicolored necklace. The distinctive leaf-like details of this neck chain will signify the decency of gold for ages.

9. Jovial Weave Rose Retreat Gold Necklace

gold necklace and earring set

Expected price: $580
Weight: 8.92

Are you entirely fond of gold? If yes, then you will get crazy after checking out this lavish rose retreat gold neck chain design. Stop waiting and choose it to compliment your womanhood now.


22k Gold Necklace Designs Under 20 Grams

10. Fancy Emerald Ruby Antique Gold Necklace

 gold necklace ruby

Expected price: $1530
Weight: 19.17

gold necklace earrings and bracelet set

Expected price: $1599
Weight: 19.62

It’s high time to transform your jewellery collection with an unbelievably attractive gold necklace set that is beaded with ruby to create an outstanding finish.

11. American Diamond Rose Gold Sleek Elegant Necklace

gold necklace design for wedding

Expected price: $999
Weight: 13.42

 gold necklace amazon

Expected price: $1370
Weight: 18.29

We all know that American diamond holds a separate fan base, But, this necklace, is embedded with the finest details of rose gold. So, what else you want? in the name of the perfect gold necklace.

12. Dazzling Kante/Hansli White Diamond Small Necklace

gold necklace zales

Expected price: $1400
Weight: 18.83

gold necklace long

Expected price: $1050
Weight: 13.50

The designs of the specified small necklaces will win your heart at the first sight. Thanks to the prettiest pattern embellished with a wonderful bead of white diamonds.

13. Floral Delight Golden Fancy Necklace

gold necklace 22kt

Expected price: $1450
Weight: 20.86

Who won’t love to own a thick gold chain beautified with a royal rose pendant? Yes, this gold necklace set is truly worth your selection.

14. 22 Kt Casting Slider Dangling Drop Necklace

gold necklace bridal

Expected price: $1190
Weight: 14.33

Explore the unimaginable designs of gold necklaces with this slider-dangling drop piece. The striking cut of the pendant adds life to the enlisted creation.

15. Ruby Diamond White Beaded Gold Matte Finish Necklace

gold necklace and bracelet set

Expected price: $1590
Weight: 16.56

Level up your tenderness for gold while opting for a thick white pearl chain. We know that this combination is pioneering the edge of the jewelry industry so, pick your astonishing design today.

16. Gold Ball Chain Multicolour Kundan Antique Necklace

gold necklace vintage

Expected price: $1620
Weight: 20.55

Let’s dive into the never-ending elegance of ethnic gold jewellery prettified with multi-colors Kundan to make you shine like never before.

17. 20 Gram Rhodium Plated Simple and Elegant Pendant Necklace

gold necklace 22k

Expected price: $1650
Weight: 20.52

It’s really hard to believe the seamless beauty of this Rhodium plated gold necklace design. Evolve into the genre of self-love and glitter up with the mentioned ornate gold necklace set right away.

We have a strong faith that now you have enough options for the latest 22k gold necklace design to revamp your priceless jewelry collection. Shortlist your favorite and enfold the warmth of gold necklace sets forever.

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