24 Unbelievable Fashion Products That Really Exist

Of all the things, fashion plays a major role in our lives. Every style enhanced has its own unique plus point but what if we said there is more to all this?

unbelievable cool fashion products of 2017

Yes, every year brings in some astounding cool and new things that have been created for you but with a twist. Wish to know more about it? Find these products below.

1. A Wine Purse

things you won't believe like a wine purse with hidden spout

Just like the name says it’s definitely a purse that can let you enjoy while you board. The tote can fill up the wine and you can take it with you wherever you want. The bag is a total genius as it can hold up to 1.5 liters of wine in an insulated bag. It’s available at 75$ and in three colors. The spout is hidden till you need it. This bag is perfect for outings with your girlies and when you wish to hit the beach.

2. Bare Butt Jeans

things you won't believe like a levis bare butt jeans where you can unzip and pop a poop squat.

The new jeans introduced by high end designer Vetements in collaboration with Levis is the one you have been hoping for. The pant has a zip behind near the butt area. The best part about them is that no more poop controlling while you are on the go because the zip behind has got your back.

3. Balenciaga’s Ginormous Tote Bag

things you won't believe like a giant tote bag

Tired of the regular tote bags? Balenciaga’s 2017 collection introduced the huge tote bags. No more carrying extra handbags while you go to gymming or run errands because with this bag the possibilities are endless. They are not the regular ones but we are sure they will be your must have this season.

4. Clothes Out of Poop

This one is a shocker and totally unbelievable! Mestic a fabric is found in the dry cow manure. The fabric is used to make clothes and it doesn’t smell of poop. In 2016, the mestic fabric was used to look luxurious and these clothes were really wearable. The fashion is taking a new turn towards creating sustainable products.

5. Lingerie Made for Body Temperature

things you won't believe like temperature balancing bras

Giapenta a lingerie and loungewear brand began with a kick start. Their lingerie products have the ability to regulate the body temperature. The brand aims to add the TempPro technology to the fabric. The material pulls the heat away from body and sweating is also reduced. Apt for workouts this lingerie wear is a promising one and the technology for sure is a catch.

6. Recycled Plastic Converted into Fashion

fashion from trash recycled plastic converted into fashion, plastic to fashion

The collection is made from sustainable materials, which is BIONIC. Its polyester made from recycled shoreline waste. When you look at it you wouldn’t believe it’s made from plastic because it’s beaut and comfortable as well.

7. Maternity Sports Bra

revolutionary sportswear for mother of a newly born born and love active wear

If you are mother of a newly born and love active wear as well then here is a sports bra that lets you be at ease. The sports bra lets feed the babies properly. The bra is made of Italian fabric which isn’t that stretchy and works easily while breastfeeding. The access makes this bra a unique piece and you should definitely get your hands onto this one.

8. Stain Repellent Shirt

things you won't believe like a self cleaning shirt

Have you ever been to a party and experienced the wine spill all over your shirt? The wine stain never leaves. Introducing a stain repellent shirt that self-cleans and withstands the irreparable stain. The labfresh shirt is your choice now on for the parties. The shirt is not cheap for sure but the sense of comfort the fabric adds won’t ever make you feel worried. It’s a luxury that’s totally worth it.

9. Gemstone Bow-tie

things you won't believe like real gemstone bow-tie

Gemstone bow tie comes with a unique touch to an old accessory which is made for both men and women. The bow tie implements beauty and is definitely the one of the kind. Its innovative touch can prep up your outfit in no time. The versatility it has along with styles and colors makes it suitable for both male and female. It guarantees a perfect statement for the attire.

10. Unicorn Sneakers

creativity at its best in the form of unicorn design sneakers

The unicorns have gone extinct in fashion but these unicorn sneakers are a surprise to the eyes. The shoes come with glitter with light soles. The trendy shoes come for $162.79. These shoes are selling out faster and so you should get your hands on it sooner. There are plenty of choices available on the website. So choose the one that suits your style and shop accordingly.

11. Bra that Lets You Keep The Stress Level Firm

 things you won't believe like high tech sports bra, reduce stress level

In such a fast paced life, we are always worried. The slightest thing can bother us too but what if there was a product that could keep the stress levels in check for you? The Vitali bra adds a gentle breathing reminders and has a removable device that is fitted on the left side. The device measures the heart rate. There is a vibrating nudge if it senses stress and guides back to normal. No more visiting hours because this bra is your mate.

12. Luxurious Bag Inspired By Blanket Bags

oversized tote inspired by classic blanket bags

The huge bag is here that can fit in almost everything for you. The Balenciaga’s newly introduced bag is inspired by the blanket bags. The designs and colors are in a wide range and the bag is priced at $2325. You can now carry the luggage in style with this luxurious bag.

13. Camel Toe Knickers

weird fashion trend of camel toe knickers

The underwear’s we have at times show the camel toe. It appears the most when you wear tight clothes. But not anymore, because here is your cue to stay away from it. Yes the camel toe knickers are your answer that are made to hide the problem. They are the best sellers on amazon currently. The knickers are priced at $25. Notice the weird feeling gone away during your weekends with these party pants.

14. Candy Crush Swimsuit

candy crush moves into fashion

To all the fans of candy crush, we hereby bring you swimsuits that are designed to showcase your love for it. Get your fingers ready to click onto this unlimited collection of swimsuits available on Moschino website. The swimsuits are made in honor of celebrating the fifth anniversary of the game. No doubt it has earned a place in our hearts, phone and now clothing as well.

15. Garters Belt for Men

 things you won't believe like garters belt that keep shirt comfortably tucked

Men suffer from this issue the most while at work. The tucked shirts when they come out it gets really frustrating. The S holder is a device that keeps the shirt tucked in with the pants and doesn’t let it move from its place. Men will be thankful for the launch of such a product because it saves them from all the embarrassment. They are adjustable and swears by for no more struggle.

16. Adidas 3D Printed Sneakers

adidas futurecraft 4d superfly 3d printed sneakers

The shoes are efforts of the company to create performance data driven by the 3D printed midsoles for every consumer. It has a foot scanner and process that adds digital light protection and liquid resins. The brand has unlocked the new designed and it’s made for all the sporty people.

17. Rhythm Smart Dancing Shoes

unbelievable rhythm smart dancing shoes that will improve your moves

These new pair of shoes could transform you into a dancer. Yes the sensors and vibrations in it teach the wearer move on the dance floor. It has a coordinated app that delivers visual dance lessons. The shoes are made with Bluetooth technology and it understands when you keep falling. The app helps reassure. Go ahead and impress all the girls with your moves.

18. Self-cleaning Gym Bag

smart gym bag that automatically cleans the stuff inside

Want your gym clothes to smell good always? Then rely on this newly launched bag that swears to clean itself. The bag tapes the bacteria and kills it. The owner needs to activate the unit and each cycle takes about 35 minutes for the cleaning process. The process converts to oxygen leading to fresh smell in the bag. Your gym time is safe with this bag.

19. Wallets Made from Banana Fibers

eco-friendly wallets that are made from banana plant fibers

Ditch the old methods of leather because the wallets made out of banana fibers are your key to keeping it stylish. They are cruelty free and ecofriendly as well. The wallets have the potential to last for a lifetime. Bring home this modern wallet and stay up to date.

20. The Airport Jacket

the airport jacket that can carry your luggage, built-in- carry bag

The extra incurred money at the baggage counter can now be avoided. Here is a jacket that can hold up to 15 kg worth items. The fabric is water resistant and has fully protected zipped pockets. The fashionably designed jacket can be dolled up with any outfit. Stick to the guidelines and minimize the extra load on the cost while you travel.

21. Pouch Shirt for Dads

unbelievable pouch shirt for dads to carry new borns

A shirt is here that is strong enough to hold your baby. The shirt is easily accessible and it’s made for the newborn in. The fabric is stretchy and strong. It’s comfortable and keeps the baby secure. The shirt can be worn otherwise as well. It’s made by Lalabu and it’s a dream come true for all the dads.

22. Underwear that can be changed in Public

So ladies now you do not need to be totally undressed for wearing a panty. Patented fasteners Slick Chicks Adaptive Underwear knickers  will help you to tackle your life’s daily challenges.

23. Underwear That Turns Fart Smell to Mint

Underwear Patch

Now here’s a minty solution to those embarrassing farts. This magical underwear patch will instantly neutralize the horrible odor to mint flavor. Isn’t it cool?

24. Jeans Cum Booty Shorts

Detachable Jeans

You may have seen many unconventional denim styles, but this one is something you’d love to try. Just detach the lower half, and your jeans will be transformed to a pair of hot & stylish high-cut shorts!

These products have taken one step ahead into making our lives more laid back. The styles replace the old fashion into unimaginative ideas. Look out for them and revamp your wardrobe with these pioneers.

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