Wedding Superstitions

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Two hearts merge into one and vow to spend an eternity together in the holy ceremony of matrimony. However, certain superstitions are followed around the globe and have been happily adopted by various cultures in their unique ways.


19 Wedding Superstitions You need to know before tying knot

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For eternal love

Brides should carry a mix of something old pertaining to her past, something new as a sign of the glorious future ahead, something borrowed from a happily married couple, and something in the shade of blue to signify eternal love and fidelity.

Wedding ring

The vein of our hand’s fourth finger goes directly to our heart and that is why it graces the wedding ring.

A bride’s veil

A bride’s veil can buffer her from evil and jealous bystanders and has become a fashionable accessory of modern times.


English folklore believes it to be a good omen to find a spider in your wedding gown and killing the same can lead to financial fiascos.

Days to get married

Saturday is the unluckiest day for getting married according to English folklore. While Wednesday is the best day of the week, you can also plan your wedding on Monday or Tuesday.

Wedding bells

Bells are rung in a church for warding off evil spirits as the bridal bouquet stands out as a pious sign of the couple’s sacred vows.

Soles of a bride’s feet

During the Medieval Age, people believed that evil spirits can find their way through the soles of a bride’s feet and the groom had to carry her into the new home.

Wedding cake

The top tier of the wedding cake had to be preserved until the first marriage anniversary. Some people also saved crumbs from the wedding cake to usher in a quick marriage in their family.

No more meetings

Couples shouldn’t see each other prior to the wedding as they might have wedding jitters and second thoughts on doing the same.

Wedding garter

As the groom throws around the wedding garter, the one catching it is expected to be next in line.

Bourbon bottle

Burying a bourbon bottle upside down can prevent a downpour on your D-day. But this needs to be done in the wedding venue a month prior and dug upon completion of the ceremony for having a jolly good time.

Sugar cube

According to Greek culture, brides should place a sugar cube inside their gloves on the wedding day for adding a dash of sweetness to their union.


Gifting a set of knives to the bride and groom might look very risqué and signifies bad luck or a broken relationship.

Barefoot dance

Elder unmarried sister often dances barefoot at the weddings of their younger siblings or risk staying single for the rest of her life.

Bad omen to use married name

Women are advised not to use the name of their would-be husband prior to the wedding as this can dampen the chances of the wedding from actually taking place.

Floral crowns

Other than being a thing of beauty, floral crowns were also symbolized as a protection against evil spirits in Roman folklore.


Brides and grooms from Denmark cross-dressed traditionally for confusing the evil spirits who might cause harm.

Glass smashing

Italian newlyweds have to smash a piece of a glass vase and the number of pieces symbolizes their number of years of marital bliss.

Good luck of Rain and Pine tree

Having rain on your wedding day might dampen your spirits but it is considered to be a sign of luck and fertility.

Pine trees are often plated outside the home of newlyweds as a sign of luck and fertility.


FAQS for Wedding

1. What is good luck on your wedding day?

  • A sixpence in your shoe
  • Good luck horseshoes
  • A family heirloom
  • Ladybugs

2. Is it bad luck to use your married name before you are married?

  • Yes, it is considered a bad omen to use your married name prior to the ceremony.

3. What month is unlucky for weddings?

  • July

4. What is bad luck on a wedding day?

  • Killing a spider

5. What’s the luckiest month to get married?

  • January

6. What day is it unlucky to marry?

  • Thursday

7. What is the traditional day to get married?

  • Wednesday

8. What time of day are you supposed to get married?

  • Couples usually choose to marry between 11 am and 1 pm.

9. Why are pearls bad luck at a wedding?

  • Pearls resemble a tear-like shape and are thus considered unlucky for being worn at a wedding.

10. Is it bad luck to wear green at a wedding?

  • As per Irish tradition, the green color attracts mischievous fairies which can lead to mayhem at your wedding.

11. What colors are bad luck for a wedding?

  • Yellow, green, grey, red, pink, and black.

12. Is it bad luck to try on a wedding dress if you’re not getting married?

  • Yes, it is unlucky for a bride to try out the wedding dress before marriage.

13. Why are weddings held in the half-hour?

  • It is believed that marriages shall be closer to heaven if the clock’s minute hand is ascending.

14. Is it bad luck to sleep together the night before the wedding?

  • A couple should ideally spend the night before the wedding in separate bedrooms.

Weddings are fun-filled affairs and you need to enjoy to the core on this special day as all eyes remain transfixed on you. So, just go ahead and enjoy yourself while dazzling the shutterbugs with that gorgeous dress and a million-dollar smile.

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