16 Feelings Every Woman has while wearing Heels

Feelings Every Woman has while wearing Heels

Heads turn when you walk through the door wearing those high heels of yours. Every time we wear we can hear the compliments ringing. So what if we stumbled at it? We still rock the world in high heels. Mastering the art of walking in it can get difficult but sometimes we wish to accentuate the curves and so we need them. The reasons are tons. This being announced now, here are all the complied thoughts a woman has when she wears the heels with pride.

1. When you find a perfect dress and you are damn sure that your new heels are a perfect match.

We love the comfort given by sneakers but sometimes our feet are in constant need of getting more attention. A pair of heels can literally leave a jealousy around.


2. The thought of wearing the heels throughout the day.

Oh the feet won’t get to breathe and as much as you love it, you come home with shoe bites. Our world dazzles with heels. The mixed feeling is killing always.

3. When you go out to party

tall girl benefits gif

You need attention because you spent your whole life time savings on these babies.

4. Your collection is unbeatable

Every time you buy a new pair you look at your closet like this is the end of it and you exactly know where you need to spend all your money now on.

5. I am so tall

If you are short this one always come through. Heels are a big yes and that feeling of not hearing “you are so short” isn’t there anymore. What else do you need? The added heels are incredible.

6. The shocking feeling

You are mesmerized by your own looks because of your heels. You look good everyday but the new heels just added more spark today.

7. The ramp walk is always a part

You can’t deny this as you always walked like a model in front of the mirror pretending to be a show stopper of the night.

8. When it comes to a night out, you are a winner

The girlies admire you and you love to show off some moves on the dance floor wearing your high heels.

9. Because you care enough for them.

If you could you would buy a castle for your heels but nevertheless, you protect them like they are diamonds. Sparkle forever.

10. There comes a time heels are not good for you

We all have had thoughts of walking home barefoot after the party and why not when the victory has already been achieved. No one judges you because every pal of yours can relate.

11. You might as well plan to wear them daily

The legs looks so graceful that you plan on to wearing them daily but the very next thought of going through the pain will make you keep them back to where they were. Happens!

12. You leave the house thinking it’s not too bad

The thought always makes you believe that your heels are the star for the night and they will support you no matter what.

13. But after a while NO way this is true.

After the dancing, stumbling 10 times and walking like a drunkard, you literally can’t wait for the day to end because the gems have now turned evil. This hurts!

14. You decide to wear them for the guys

Heels are such attention seekers and because they are a weapon for getting one, you always like to catch some eye balls coming from a hot looking guy in the bar.

15. Your speed just slowed down

Your sneakers or flats let you run for a while but the heels have just decided to never let you succeed. Nope slow and steady cannot win the race here!

16. No more

And the day ends with all the drama you went through and you decide to never look at them again. Believe me you always get back to square one on the next weekend.

The thoughts are quite jingled up but high heels are for sure a friend in need. Your style can look astounding with a pair of heels. Right girl pals?

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