What earrings to wear with a pearl necklace?

What earrings to wear with pearl necklace

If you’ve recently received a vintage pearl necklace as an heirloom gift from your grandma or contemplating whether to gift yourself a strand this Christmas, then you should consider yourself lucky. A strand of classic Pearls can serve as a fantastic addition to a girl’s jewelry arsenal. Amidst the changing seasons of fashion, pearls have remained an evergreen choice of jewelry that can elevate your style quotient irrespective of the occasion.  Pearls can conjure a sense of sophistication and confidence making them the perfect jewelry for the workplace. You can also turn heads as you walk down the aisle toward your dream man wearing a string of pearls. Contrary to popular belief, pearls aren’t meant only for those formal and fancy occasions. You can exude the right amount of flirtiness and fun by dressing down a pearl necklace with the right set of earrings. If you thought that pearls are meant only for the high class then you are completely mistaken. Today we will share a few pointers regarding how to style your pearl necklace in a variety of ways with earrings:


1. Pearl Necklace With Matching Earrings

Can you wear diamond earrings with a pearl necklace

If you wish to keep things safe, then you can pair your pearl necklace with a matching set. Usually, luxury brands launch a full range of necklaces, earrings, and rings to help complete your entire look. Despite being an easy choice, going all matchy-matchy can make your final look very formal. This is why this look is best suited for formal black-tie events.


2. Pearl Necklace with Earring Jacket

What To Wear with a Pearl Necklace Men

You can easily bring a monochrome outfit to life by matching a contemporary-looking ear jacket with your traditional pearl neckpieces. You are bound to bask in compliments with this crazy fun look whether you go for a symbolic pendant or a modern interesting shape.


3. Pearl Necklace With Geometric Designs Earrings

Do you wear pearl earrings with a pearl necklace

Modern-day fashionistas swear by minimalist geometric designs and the same also holds for pearls. You can nail an edgy look by pairing a set of geometric earrings to imbibe the right dose of funkiness to your outfit when teamed with your pearl necklace.


4. White Pearl Necklace With Black Pearl Earrings

Can you mix pearls with other jewelry

Pearl studs are an uncomplicated wardrobe essential for any girl just like the classic strand of pearl necklace. This looks especially gorgeous on ladies when worn to work as it oozes out confidence. If you wish to try something different, then you can get pearls in an array of colors beyond the commonly seen white ones. You can provide a striking contrast to a white pearl necklace by teaming it up with black pearl studs in rich dark tones. Usually, the premium grade black pearls carry an iridescent surface sheen which can elevate your look as you wear it with an emerald-colored dress.

5. Double Ball Pearl Earrings With Pearl Necklace

Can you wear diamond earrings with a pearl necklace

Double ball pearls created a global phenomenon since the creative director of Dior accessories launched these rock-n-roll-esque earrings. Creating the ultimate trendy look worthy of Vogue becomes easy by pairing this with your go-to pearl necklace.

6. Pearl Necklace With Statement Pearl Earrings

What necklace to wear with pearl earrings

Larger statement pearl earrings can have your back as you get ready for an upcoming date night. However, you should stick to simpler necklace designs like a delicate hand-wrapped pearl necklace if you are planning on wearing a bigger pair of earrings. Complete your look with your favorite dress and get ready to bask in the attention that you rightfully deserve.

7. Pearl Necklace With Diamond Stud Pearl Earrings

What necklace to wear with pearl earrings

You can completely forget about the pearls and keep your look both simple and sophisticated with diamond stud earrings. These are perfect for adding a dash of sparkle to your look while contrasting the luster of pearls flawlessly. Remember that classic always pairs well with classic whether you go for simple diamond studs or more intricate pieces.

8. Pearl Necklace with Other Material Dangling Earrings

How to wear pearl necklace without looking old

If you dislike the idea of being all “matchy-matchy” then you can mix up your pearl necklace with dangling earrings of separate gemstone or material than pearls. This will result in a fashionable look within seconds.

9. Pinkish to Creamy White, Beige Tones Necklace with Matching Shade Earrings

How to layer pearls with other necklaces

All pearls aren’t white, their hue ranges from pinkish to creamy white, beige tones, and even dark ones resembling the black skies. The shade of pearls can have a big role to play in determining your choice as you select earrings according to the matching shade. Also check our article on ear piercing to understand what types of ear jewelry you can wear.

10. Pearl Necklace With all Types of Gemstones Earrings

How to style pearl necklace

If you are feeling lost about which gemstone to pair with your string of pearls, then you would be happy to know that pearls match well with almost all types of gemstones.

A pearl necklace is a royal piece of jewelry that you can keep for generations to come. Not everything goes with pearls and your final look might become a little messy if you can’t find the right combination. However, you can choose amongst the different options mentioned above to elevate your look and channel your inner goddess.

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