8 Easy Ways to take Saree Blouse Fashion to whole new Level

Sarees look great and men love women more in the ethnic attire as compared to western as the ethnicity makes them look glamorous and gorgeous. It looks phenomenal on girls or women. But, the beautiful attire doesn’t look great if a beautiful blouse is not paired up with. A blouse can either make you look like a beautiful woman, or a fashion disaster.

All you need to do is to know how to pump up your saree blouse because a blouse is an important component of your attire. Like the trends keep changing about jeans, trousers and tops, the same goes with blouse too. So follow these guides to look little more precise about carrying a great blouse.

8 Styles To Pep Your Saree Blouse This Wedding Season


1. Stylish Sleeves

Blouse with Stylish Sleeves

When you think that your blouse is boring, you need to look for some of the options that help your blouse look great. So, one such option is stylish sleeves that looks creative and also gets you captivating looks too. You can change the complete outlook just by changing the pattern of your sleeves to make it look good and stylish.


2. Thread work

Thread work blouse

When you wear a blouse that has thread work done by some of the greatest artisans, you look extremely beautiful and ethnic. After all, the beauty of art when done manually has its own tinge of grace that suits every woman. The embroidery is one of the favorites of all because it takes a lot of efforts to create a design and honestly, it looks awesome like anything.


3. Stone Work

Stone Work Blouse

It may sound orthodox and stereotypical but crystals and stone work looks substantially great when you are wearing a plain saree that has an authentic border. It is best suited for fabrics like georgette and chiffon. When you wear such a blouse with a beautiful saree, you look graciously gorgeous. After all, the beauty of a saree is enhanced and becomes prominent when it is paired with a beautiful and smart piece of blouse.


4. Lace

Lace Work Blouse

Lace is in fashion and it adds up the beauty and ethnicity of a cloth. Blouse and saree as a combination looks more appealing when it has a lace blouse. So, to have an engrossing look, you need to brush up your ideas of playing with the lace to get a beautiful blouse that goes beautifully with your saree. The blouse is as important as the saree itself and hence cannot be under estimated. Woman looks simple though beautiful in a saree only.

5. Tassels

blouse with Tassels

Tassles are the hangings that look auspiciously great when added to attire. People add it up to suits, salwars and of course Blouses that give you a dainty look. It makes your blouse look trendy and hence gives a great look to your back. The cute little object changes the whole outlook of the cloth making it look incredibly awesome and stylish. This is one way that your blouse may complement your saree and you look appealing and everyone will get a pause when they get to have a glimpse of yours.

6. Mirror Work

Mirror Work Blouse

When you embellish your beautifully designed blouse with mirror work, it looks more stylish and eventually catches everyone’s attention. You don’t have to put in extra efforts for the same and you end up looking like an elegant and bold lady who carries a stylish and beautiful outlook. You can pair it up with any sort of saree and you will get the most attention positively.

7. Back Knot

Blouse with Back Knot Pattern

When you add a back knot to a blouse, you look superbly enticing and attention grabbing. Your beautiful back draws everyone’s attention as it looks more engrossing. So a back knot definitely lures everybody making you look ravishing and elegant. This is one of the most adopted and loved way to pump up your saree blouse.

8. Potli Buttons

Blouse with Potli Button Pattern

Potli Buttons decorates everything that looks just fine and turns it to awesome. It is an embellishment to the cloth helping you get noticed in the crowd making you look super stylish and beautiful. This completed your saree and blouse giving you the look of a perfect beautiful and eye catching attire.

Follow them and make yourself look more glamorous as people do notice you when you keep a signature charm of yours with yourself.

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