What Jeans Do You Wear With Boots?

what type of jeans do you wear with boots

With multiple style advice, it can be tricky to decide what jeans to pair with your boots. But fear not as our experts have curated a guide to answering all your queries with numerous jeans and boot combinations that can help you be on top of your style game. The jeans and boots combo change as per changing season and according to the time of the day. While black boots look best when paired with light wash jeans during the day, you can also keep it safe with tan boots with a light wash worn with indigo jeans.

Night-time outfits call for darker wash jeans which can be paired to perfection with black boots. Season-wise, lighter boots look best when worn with lighter jeans during spring and summer months whereas your darker-colored jeans and boots can create a swoon-worthy look once the weather develops a chill. Now that you have understood the basics, let’s move on to the different ways of pairing boot and jean styles so that you can rock this classic combo be it for casual or dressy events:

Right Boots for Cropped Jeans

can i wear boots with cropped jeans

These jeans are an excellent alternative to the standard length. They come in an array of styles ranging from on-trend colors to classic washes that look universally flattering. If your height is shorter than average, then you can elongate your frame by wearing cropped jeans. You can wear them with these different types of boots:

  • Chunky boots – Chunky boots look best when your jean is tucked in so that it doesn’t make your ankle and calf look bulky. For a modern trendy style, you can complete your look with a fitted top or jacket.
  • Martens – These boots come up high on the leg while being slim enough for being tucked under the jeans. Such attributes make Dr. Martens a safe bet for being paired to perfection with your cropped jeans.
  • Chelsea Boots – Chelsea boots and cropped jeans are a match made in heaven as you don’t need to roll or cuff the jeans at all. For a cute look, you can get skinny cropped jeans whereas the wide-legged ones will deliver a dramatic flair.

Right Boots for Skinny Jeans

perfect boots for skinny jeans womens

The sleek fit of skinny jeans looks flattering on all body types whether you dress up or down. We have listed some of the best types of boots you can wear with skinny jeans:

  • Sock boots – Create a seamless look by wearing sock boots with skinny jeans. Though these are traditionally worn over the top of skinny jeans, you can also wear them underneath. While you can pair different washes of skinny jeans with your sock boots, black or dark wash looks the best. For creating a streamlined silhouette, you can pair heeled sock boots.
  • Mid-Calf boots – If you thought those skinny jeans are meant for being worn with just dresses or short skirts, then you are completely mistaken. You can easily pair them with mid-calf height boots. For adding a feminine flair to your look, you can get the boots with bows or ruffles.
  • Chelsea boots – This classic style looks good with skinny jeans as the bootleg is slim rendering a close fit to the leg. While leather is the most popular material choice for Chelsea boots, you can also get them in other materials like suede. The Chelsea boots in shades like black, tan, brown, and burgundy look best.
  • Ankle boots – One of the best ways of flaunting your boots and elongating your legs is wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans. This pairing looks both elegant and streamlined and can be worn with both day and night outfits.
  • Motorcycle boots – Dress up your motorcycle boots with skinny jeans. For staying true to the biker vibe, you can pair them with a leather jacket whereas pairing them with a long coat and blazer can deliver a more polished look. Since motorcycle boots have a narrow silhouette, they can be easily paired with skinny jeans.
  • Wedge boots – Skinny jeans serve as the perfect platform for wearing your favorite footwear. These look good with wedge boots as they are a timeless and versatile trend. While choosing a pair of wedge boots for being worn with your skinny jeans, keep the occasion in mind. Cute booties in neutral tones like black, beige, or brown are best for casual weekend brunches whereas you can get wedge boots in animal prints like zebra stripes or leopard print with bright white denim.
  • Riding boots – You can nail a classic look by pairing riding boots either over the jeans or by being tucked into them. The riding boots come in diverse styles ranging from black to brown, textured to smooth leather, and flat to heeled. These are a popular choice for being worn with skinny jeans as they create a lean and long silhouette.
  • Rain boots – Add a fun pop of color to your outfits with rain boots that can keep you extra warm on those days with heavy downpours. These are perfect for being worn with your skinny jeans and a cute sweater for an effortlessly chic look.
  • Combat Boots – This classic and comfortable choice of footwear can put up a potent fight against various weather elements. For best results, choose a pair of combat boots that is tight around your ankles and features adjustable buckles. The boots with multiple layers of material at the top should be avoided as this will simply make your legs look bigger.
  • Short Boots – They tend to balance out the proportions of the outfit making them a heavenly match for skinny jeans, The straight lines of these boots complement the tightness of the pants whether you are dressing casually or for special occasions. For more formal events you can try wearing them with black jeans in a skinny fit.
  • Knee-high – The narrow fit of knee-high boots looks good with skinny jeans by creating a smooth and uninterrupted line from your thighs to your toes. These boots are short enough to flaunt some leg but long enough to prevent a gap. You can wear them with all types of skinny jeans whether they are made from velvet or denim or leather.
  • Over-the-knee boots – These boots can make your legs appear leaner and longer by covering your knees and thighs. If you wish to camouflage your problem areas or even out proportions, then over-the-knee boots can serve as your best choice.
  • Cowboy boots – The cowboy boots have been around for quite some time and still look fantastic on being worn with skinny jeans. You should opt for a pair with a slightly pointed heel and a smooth toe.

Right Boots for Mom Jeans

what boots to wear with mom jeans

These vintage-inspired jeans are a preferred choice of denim fans given their cool and casual look. Mom jeans have a mass appeal and work with anything you wear them with. You can wear the following styles of boots with Mom jeans:

  • Chelsea boots – Create a unique and chic look with the Chelsea boots which serve as a fall and winter staple. The combination of Chelsea boots and mom jeans looks trendy and modern at the same time. You can get Chelsea boots in different materials like leather, suede, and a variety of prints.
  • Ankle boots – For a trendy style, you can pair ankle boots with light-wash mom jeans for a daytime look. Usually, these jeans look best with taller ankle boots since the hem of the jeans meets the top of the boot. If your mom jeans are too long then just roll up the cuffs rather than tucking them in.
  • Combat boots – For adding a cool edge to your look pair mom jeans with combat boots. This combination is a match made in heaven which can turn heads as an easy everyday outfit.
  • Chunky Heel Boot – Elevate your look with chunky sole boots which are a serious wardrobe staple. They can serve as a comfortable choice if you are planning to be on your feet the whole day.

Right Boots for Baggy Jeans

how to wear baggy jeans with boots

This ’90s silhouette is back with a bang in the fashion circuit to help you feel like your bad-ass self. You can style this comfortable wear with the following boot options:

  • Chunky boots – The chunky style boots are perfect for being paired with baggy jeans and leather jackets to balance out proportions.
  • Ankle boots – Create a 70 ’s-inspired look with ankle boots and baggy jeans which can help you transform easily from running daytime errands to hitting the disco with friends at night.
  • Heeled boots – The combination of heeled boots and baggy jeans can add a pop of style while elongating your legs. You can try this pairing both for day and night outfits. However, it is advisable to wear a close-fitting top to balance your outfit.

Right Boots for Straight-leg Jeans

best boots for straight leg jeans

 They have emerged as the unsung heroes of the denim brigade by toppling over the popularity of skinny jeans. You can try out the following jeans and boot combinations:

  • Cowboy boots – The combination of jeans and cowboy boots is much like peanut butter and jelly. While both of them have been an American fashion staple for years, modern designers have emerged with new and improved washes and cuts for elevating your appearance. Since they don’t have any flare at the bottom, you might initially face difficulty in putting on the boots. However, after putting them on, you simply can roll the jeans over the boots for a streamlined look.
  • Chelsea boots – These slip-on ankle boots have gained popularity among both genders. You can pair them easily with distressed jeans for a casual look while dark wash jeans can help you stand out at a formal event.
  • Chunky boots – It’s easy to sneak up the high-shaft chunky boots under the non-skinny jeans for a sleek look.

Right Boots for Bootcut Jeans

do you have to wear boots with bootcut jeans

These jeans are characterized by a slight flare and look best when paired with shoes that can add a few inches to your frame. You can perk up your look with the following boot combinations as listed below:

  • Chunky boot – The best thing about wearing chunky boots with bootcut jeans is that it doesn’t make your legs look as bulky. Rather they impart a lean appearance to make the boots look like a part of the outfit rather than the center of the event.
  • Pointy-Toe boots – Pointed-toe boots can make your foot look more petite while elongating your leg. You can style this shoe during the fall months before moving on to heavy-duty winter wear. The pointed-toe styles won’t leave your leg exposed while providing more warmth.
  • Combat boots – These versatile pair of footwear can be worn with absolutely anything ranging from bootcut pants to skinny-leg jeans. For a more flattering look, it is advisable to wear something that is more military-styled and rugged.
  • Ankle boots – You can dress the ankle boots up or down to drastically change your look. These cozy shoes can keep you warm during winter while being adequately comfortable to wear in different situations.
  • Mid-calf Boots – Strike the perfect harmony between comfort and fashion with mid-calf boots which render excellent ankle support and foot protection. These boots come with heels for adding a few inches to your frame.

Right Boots for Wide-leg jeans

how to wear boots with wide leg jeans

Be it work or weekend, wide-leg jeans can help complete your ensemble as you pair them with the following boot styles:

  • Ankle boots – These amazing beauties are well-suited for spring and cool weather. For the best effect, you can get ankle boots with laces so that they can be adjusted for a snug fit.
  • Booties – This hybrid of an ankle-height sneaker and a boot comes with the sleekness of a flat shoe while delivering an unmatched fashion edge.
  • Square-Toe Boots – Fashionistas around the globe consider square-toe boots to be the perfect silhouette for being worn with your wide-leg jeans. The USP of square-toe shape lies in the illusion it creates to make your foot look narrower.

Outfit Ideas for Wearing Boots With Jeans

  • For a casual daytime look, you can team up close-fitting jeans and T-shirts with a pair of ankle boots. If comfort holds maximum importance, then you can wear flat boots, combat boots, or boots with a block heel.
  • While dressing up for a night out, wear boots with embellishments or ankle boots with high heels alongside dark wash or skinny jeans and a tank top.
  • Keep your office look business casual with a button-down shirt, blazer, dark wash skinny jeans, and black ankle boots or a black bootie made of faux or pure leather.
  • If you are planning on standing out then create contrast with white jeans, dark-colored tops, and knee-length fur boots.
  • Prepare for the chilly winter months by tucking in your bootcut or skinny jeans into your winter boots and finish your look with a bright puffer jacket.


Ladies can either wear jeans over their boots or tuck them in according to the style requirement. In the case of straight-leg jeans, it looks best when you wear them over your boots provided the boots fit closely to the calf. When it comes to chunky boots, you can wear either cropped or cuffed jeans meeting the top of the boot or tuck them into your skinny jeans.

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