33 Amazingly Useful Fashion Infographics for Women (Part-II)

The fashion experts believe that the key to pulling off a rocking outfit is not just the outfit itself but the tiny details you put along with that. A fashionista knows how accessorising properly is also a part of looking a fashion stud. If chosen perfectly, the trinkets of jewellery and other accessories can transform you into a style goddess. Accessories add detail and interest in the outfit. They can simple make an apparel you are adorning bring more or little less to your overall look.

women fashion infographics

Wearing a simple saree on a wedding won’t do! Similarly going for too much jewellery on your convocation day would make you look just too desperate. For a true fashion Diva, accessories are as much a part of daily routine as her clothes.

From scarves, belts, footwear, watches, bags and a whole collection of jewellery, there is so much that needs to be teamed up with what you wear.

Last article talked of how finding the right apparels for you should be a key factor in your beauty book. This time we extend the rules a little bit to how accessorising along is important too.

So here we have your back with one of the finest visuals that would train you to choose the right footwear, jewellery and what not along with your perfect outfits.

Go alone and see what all you’ve been missing all these years.

1. Learn how to roll your sleeves like a pro.
5 steps to j crew cuff

2. Here are some quick tips to dress up and look slimmer than you are.
tips to dress slimmer

3. Most of the times women make blunders while teaming jeans with footwear. Here’s some help.
jeans and shoes

4. Here’s the right way to tuck your jeans neatly into the boots.
tuck jeans into boots

5. There can be chances you might not be hitting the interviews with what you portray!!! Follow these looks to make it to the top.
interview looks

6. Here’s all you need to keep your clothes always in your reach. Manage your wardrobe by following this simple visual.
wardrobe manage1

7. Flaunt those curves with these subtle picks that you must pick with matching lowers.
flatter large bust

8. If you have a short or a wide neck, choose these to look fabulous and pep.
flatter short wide neck

9. This spring, don’t make blunders while teaming up tops with jackets. Have a look at how to carry layers.
layering tops under jackets

10. If your vacations have loads splashing water and sports, here is how you can tie your sarong in entirely different ways from now on.
sarong ways

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Lingerie has to be most comforting when it comes to what you wear. There is nothing horrible than a poking wire from your bra. We give you some amazing visuals regarding your lingerie and stuff.

11. First and foremost, here is an ultimate dictionary to the different bras and underwear in the lingerie world and when to wear them.
bra types

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12. You are going to need ample types of bras in your life. Go through the guide to different bras and their purposes.
bra purposes

13. Get your perfect bra through the bra size calculator. Yes!! There are rules to finding your right size.
bra size calculator

14. Do you know which bra type are you made for? Find your soul mate through this guide.
best bra body type

15. No more hassle of finding a perfect bra for your evening dresses.  Here’s a guide to choose the right bra for the right dress and its neckline.

Infographics helps you to choose best fitted bra for your dress
Infographics: Choosing perfect Bra for your Dress to hide straps

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16. Going for a swim?? Here’s a guide to finding the perfect swimsuit for your body type.
swim suit according to body types

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17. There are creative ways to putting your bikini and looking super-hot. Try these simple ways and go ahead with new style.
bikini ways

18. Shapewears are crucial to every woman’s dream of getting a perfect figure. Go through the visual and see if you have been using them right.


You are in the best possible outfit- The dress fits great, the shoes match perfectly and you look your best. Then what went wrong, that the whole picture of you doesn’t come great in the mirror??? Perhaps it’s what accessories you put up!!Here are some simple visuals you must know when you mix and match.

19. Have you checked your bag stock and are sure you have a perfect bag for every occasion? First of all, know what the bag dictionary consists of.

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20. When you match up a hat with your outfit, be sure of which hats go with which outfits. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect pick for the day.

21. Scarfs are now a top pick in the world of accessories. Go through this ultimate guide of scarf styles and check them with your body style.
scarf guide

22. Did you know there are some extremely fabulous ways you can multi-style with your scarfs- Take a look.
scarf uses

23. Let’s give you some awesome styles for tying your scarf to get plethora of looks with the same piece.
ways to tie scarf

24. Find out some fascinating ways to tie your belts!! Try these out with Dresses, Trousers and Tunics and become a style icon.
belts style

25. Glass frames- Find the perfect match for your face when you choose glasses or shades for yourself. Too big or too small would make a joke out of you.
glasses frames

26. What goes for your neck depends a lot on the neckline of your outfit. Refer to this visual to pick what suits best with your neckline for the day.
neckline cheat sheet

27. Get your necklace at the right place through this super useful visual for necklace heights. Also, here’s a guide to different neckpieces you might not know.
necklace lenght guide

28. This DIY guide to different chain styles is going to help you weave your favourite bracelets and charms!
types of chain

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29. Here is an exact description for the right earrings as per your face cut. Next time when you shop something for your ears, keep these in mind.
jewellery face shape


They say watch what you step in!!’ This is absolutely true in the fashion world. Be careful on what you choose to wear in your feet with what outfit you have.

30. Know the basic shoe encyclopaedia before going in for a shopping spree!! Yes, there are infinite types of shoes in the world, these are just a few.
shoe types

31. Are you crazy for boots and own like a wardrobe full of them??here’s your ultimate boot guide.
boot guide

32. Follow this shoe grid when you are confused as to what goes with what.
shoe grid

33. Wrong selection of underwear break your day even you have best combination and fitting of outerwear. Be sure to select right underwear for your clothing by this chart.


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