Fashion Etiquette: Master Rules of Hang & Fold

Master rules of hang and fold

To hangeth or foldeth? That’s the question!

You might have an awesome collection of clothes and might have designed the perfect “dream” wardrobe that you always wanted. But did you know there is also a technique and science of maintaining and keeping a clean and neat wardrobe? Which alongside includes “not everything” to be hung up.

If you are someone who are generally looking up ways to ensure a better life and longevity for every garment of yours, yet are confused as to which clothes should you hand and which to fold, then you have surely landed up to the most apt place. Read on more to know which clothes are best kept while folded while others can be easily hung.


Clothes to Hang

1. Blouses

BlousesAlthough most of you might know it already since it’s more like a common sense, blouses should always be hung on hangers, that too which have a solid grip. For all your velvet blouses, try getting velvet slimline hangers. Being strong and sturdy, they are just life-changing.

When hanging those button-downs don’t forget to secure the top button. This would further protect the collars from developing any further pesky creases.

2. Trousers or Dress Pants

Trousers or Dress PantsWhile hanging them, use clips at their waists or also at their hem. This would help them hang perfectly vertically. To create some more space, you can also fold them ONLY by half along their creases and then drape them over your hanger’s bar.

3. Jumpsuits

JumpsuitsUnless you’re jumpsuits are quite heavily embellished, always hang them vertically on your hangers.

4. Dresses

DressesLike jumpsuits, dresses should also be hung up vertically, of course when they are NOT embellished enough. For all your slinky silk dresses, use a padded hanger. However, while hanging the lightweight gowns, make sure to hang them by their loops.

5. Jackets/Overcoats/Blazers

BlazersWhile hanging casual jackets or even blazers, you can easily use a couple of regular-grip hangers.

OvercoatsHowever for heavy coats, curved suit hangers can be the best option. They can not only handle their weight but would further help in maintaining their shapes.

6. Dress Skirts

Dress SkirtsPleated, silk, suede and of course, leather skirts should always be hung with clipped hangers at their waists. You can also use hanging loops for them.

7. Scarves

ScarvesMake sure to fold scarves in half and then hang them on hangers. You can also knot them before keeping them on the hangers. You can also make use of sliding scarf hangers, then fold your scarves and then display them on your respective closet shelving.

8. Shirts

ShirtsHanging shirts can help in avoiding the formation of wrinkles. And if they are no wrinkles, it means no ironing of course. Because, who has time for that!

Apart from these, anything that’s made up of silk, cotton, satin and rayon should always be hung. Folding them can easily pave way for ironing and who doesn’t want to avoid that!

To further help you out, here are some more tips on hanging as recommended by Wendy Norwood-Patterson, the famous stylist.

1. To keep your closet look uniform, try using only ONE type or kind of hanger.
2. Fabric covered or foam covered hangers can help help your clothes from further slipping off.
3. Keeping clothes inside dry plastic cleaning bags can trap chemicals. Thus, it’s recommended to let them hang freely or to use a garment bag.
4. Use the attached hanger straps that come along with dresses and shirts.
5. When using a clip hanger, use small tissue papers to place it between the fabric and the hanger. This can further in keeping off the indentions from the fabric.
6. For beaded dresses, make use of foam packing sleeves over their tops. Just, make sure to cut a hole only for the hanger.


Clothes to Fold

1. Sweater/Everything Knitwear

Sweater/Everything KnitwearIn spite of using slimline hangers, sweaters made of wool, cashmere as well as angora are bound to stretch when they are hung. Thus, to avoid such and to maintain their shape, always fold them. In case, you are quite tight on your shelf, just fold half of the sweater, but only ONCE. And then lay them on the bar of your respective hanger. The same rules applies for all the other kinds of knitwear as well.

2. T-Shirts

T-ShirtsLike the woollen sweaters, hanging your t-shirts can also make them stretch out. Irrespective if they are long-sleeved or short-sleeved, always make sure to fold your tees and them keep them intact in your closet.

3. Heavy Pants

Heavy PantsPants like jeans, cargos, leather leggings and cords are made of thick durable fabrics. Their fabric is so thick that it won’t cause any wrinkles. Hence they can be easily folded.

4. Embellished Evening Gowns

Embellished Evening GownsHanging evening gowns that are heavily embellished can easily distort their shape. Thus it’s better to fold them loosely. However, don’t just simply fold and keep them in closet. Wrap them well in tissue papers and then keep them protected in your closet.

5. Lingerie

LingerieSilk nightgowns easily fall under the dress category. So they can be hung. However, your daily bras as well as undies should definitely be folded and stored, preferably in drawers.

Here’s an additional folding tip.

Everyone definitely has their own way of folding clothes. But while folding, the most important thing that should be kept in your mind is to ensure that the garment is free of wrinkles and is completely flat.

So, the next time you get confused as to which clothes you should hang and which ones to fold, just keep these tips in mind. If you too have some more tips, feel free to share them below.

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