10 Workwear Fashion Blunders That Can Ruin Your Impression

India is a developing economy where women is respected and has now stood for herself to come out of her house and start earning a livelihood for herself. She is modern, beautiful, bold and intelligent and she carries everything well. However, there is a little difference between being smart and over smart. You should know how to present yourself.

Fashion Faux Pas at Work

The work culture fluctuates from nation to nation and state to state. The clothing types or outfits that may appear to be satisfactory as formal wear in one a player on the planet may not be adequate in another part of the world. They say that appearance is everything. When you are coming to the office, a formal and intelligent attire is a must so as to not to ruin your professional personality.

In any case, office clothing standards have never been additionally befuddling. One should know how to carry herself well. Here are some of the things that should be avoided to get rid of any chaos.

1. Cleavage Show


Exposing your cleavage might be relevant at some of the functions or parties, but one should not be doing the same when you come to the office. The other person gets to know that maybe you aren’t serious about your professional career. It may also ruin your image or may come out to be a bad signal to others too. So make sure that your dress yourself in a decent manner.

2. Ripped Jeans and Graphic Tees

Ripped Jeans and Graphic Tees

Consistently is not easygoing Friday at work. Ripped jeans and graphic tees show your casual approach towards work and that you have no knowledge of the atmosphere too. The way you dress can affect advancements, increases in salary and even come into subliminal play when your boss is giving you your yearly audit.

3. Stop Skin show with Sexy Attire

Don’t let your clothes be distraction

Once you choose attire for the office, make sure that it makes no disruption for other to concentrate on work. Too exposing clothes or showing too much of legs doesn’t let others work well.

4. Inappropriate Dress Code

Dress as per your designation

One should know what to wear as per the designation. If you are the CEO of the company, you need to maintain that prestige of yours and be subtle about wearing right.

5. Too Fit Clothes

Too Fit Clothes

You should also know to wear the right fit. It should not look like you are trying to fit in the cloth which is not made for you. It leaves a bad impact on your co-workers and managers too.

6. Designer Label Overload

Designer Label Overload

Keep your labels within when dressing for the workplace. It’s a major no-no to communicate to your office precisely how much cash you are spending on your closet.

7. Blouse that swoops down in the back

Blouse that swoops down in the back

Women in India often show their backs in Saris so a wide open back blouse is not perfect for the workplace.

8. Bright Colors

Bright Colors

When you wear bright colours in the office, you look like you are getting dresses up for someone’s mehandi function or an attempt to get noticed unreasonably. True professional attire has colours that fit in and doesn’t make you look “odd one out” in the crowd.

9. Accessories Overloaded


Accessorizing yourself with bangles and large danglers doesn’t look professional too. Too much of glitters have again a bad impact on your work life too. Try avoiding accessories to maintain a good balance.

10. Makeup Overdose


Built up on cosmetics is never something worth being thankful for, however it’s particularly awful in an office setting. Try the good eye cosmetic and enticing lipstick outside your workplace.

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