7 Dreadful Feelings only Acid Attack Victims have

Those men who are making crime by throwing acid on women or girls can never understand the real dreadful pain of acid attack victims. Make Love Not Scars, an NGO for acid attack survivors has done some superb work to stop acid attack.

These posters illustrate dreadful feeling of Acid Attack survivors about how they continuously feel in their whole day. They are not just of persons who are making crime of acid throw but for society too. Hope these beautiful posters will melt their heart and try to respect women.

1. People who destroyed my life are enjoying their lives. I wish, I could get justice.

Dreadful Feelings of Acid Attack Victims

Why women’s are always blamed? Female victim always has to suffer in India. Men are men they can do anything! So many acid attack cases are pending and still more and more numbers of such cases are getting registered without any action against them.

2. I feel so lonely, I feel someone will hug me

a day in the life of acid attack survivor

In our research, we find out that most of all acid attack victims were beautiful. Do you ever assuming your life when your beauty will become your evil? Sometimes Acid attack victims lose eyesight, total face skin tissues or hairs too. Is it right for men who are doing it just because she is not ready to satisfy your lust desire?

3. Having everyone stare at my scars. I hide. I run only I wish. I was never born.

acid attack victim feels in india

Society is also responsible at some point. Our mind always find out and concentrated on the mistakes. People never encourage victim but just make her feel worst. Think about it twice. What should you do when this victim is your sister, wife or mother. Are you still doing such insult?

4. One-day I wish, I could walk on a street without people shunning away

stop women acid attack

The worst past moment is never forgettable for any one. But we can make change by living in present moment with kind nature. So guys, do you think that we must have to change our vision for victim? So start giving kind atmosphere to all victim near you.

5. I sometimes wish it was all just a nightmare.

how to save acid attack victim

Acid attack victim always wants to forget the acid throw moment as a nightmare, but unfortunately 99% of victim fails to do it.

6. You don’t just destroy my face but also my dreams, life, hope and soul.

life of uric acid attack victim after survival

What happens to you when all your dreams, your life’s enjoyments, and hope can be destroyed in just a second? Will you survive? If you can not survive in such condition then you have not any right to destroy soul of anyone.

7. I wish I could ‘see’ again. One Last time.

acid attack victim lost eyesight

And finally this poster literally made me cry. This is the poster who had lost eyesight. Every acid attack victim dreams to live her previous life. Don’t be the reason for someone’s sorrow if you are not able to give them happiness.

The person who loves flower will never pick it up from garden but he water it. If you are loving anybody then you are ready to scarify but never to destroy.

So guys, What do you think? Please comment below and start conversation to spread positive vibes with your good thoughts…..

Special Thanks to: Ajit Johnson & The Logical Indian

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