13 DIYs To Lace Up Your Outfits And Wear Them Again

Who doesn’t have an unlimited stash of T-shirts and jeans stacked up in the nooks and corners of their wardrobes? Be it your favourite high school tee that is just a few inches tight or the one you’re friends are fed up seeing you in or the bell bottoms that are outdated for the time, we have insane amount of stuff waiting to be bought back to life!  We have got your back and all you need is touch of some lace and tadaa, you have a brand new outfit with a make over like never before.

Do you assume what can you with lace fabric or trim? Find out 13 DIY Lace project ideas that makes any clothing completely charming

And the best part is, you are more than enough to do these DIY tricks on your clothes and we can assure you no one will get to know! These 13 DIYs will make your T-shirts, pants or jeans wearable once again, with a glint of style that is sure to turn some heads!


1. Lace up the Seams

creative lace ideas, DIY Projects That Use Lace

We all have T-shirts that we love to snuggle in but alas, they’re simply out of trend now! So what about cutting the seams and sleeves and lacing it up to give that sneak peek of your slender waist? Also, add some bell sleeves and you’re outfit is ready to go!

P.S This won’t take more than ten minutes and some sewing skills.


2. Lace Insets in Your Jeans

what to do with lace fabric, diy jeans lace embellishment

Ripped and rugged jeans are too in to be ignored. However, how about giving a lacy show rather than just the old mundane way of pulling off ripped denims? Take a razor and add in some quirky lace here and there and you’re good to go!


3. Lace Up The Cuffs

diy lace up the cuffs, DIY Lace Decorations, DIY with lace

Could you imagine of restyling your jeans cuffed up with some lace? Think of it and the idea is simply gorgeous. How about flaunting those perfect ankles with some lace on the cuffs? A quicky and totally worth a try.


4. Funk Up That Plain Old Tee

diy lace t-shirt, lace fabric ideas, crafts with lace ribbon

It is time to play around the necklines of that old piece of Tee shirt lying in your wardrobe! How about we add a funked up lacy strip and create a halter top out of your Tee!

5. Save Up Your Short Dresses

how to make your dress long with lace, creative lace ideas

How about adding up some length to the dress that’s too short for you now but fortunately you haven’t grown out of it? Here’s an awesome way to get that dress back to your knees with nothing more than some funky lace!

6. Quirk Up Your Backlines

things to do with lace, what to do with lace fabric

How about having some fun with the backlines of your tank tops? Use a crochet piece or a lacy motif by adding it to the back of your dresses or tank tops that were too boring to be worn out of your room!

7. Hem The T-Shirts

lace fabric ideas

No more throwing away your t-shirts that are too short for you. Lace the hems and solve the whole issue in a minute. Yes, you can thank us later!

8. Lace Up The Backs

diy lace shirt, creative lace ideas

Quirk up your casual shirts and tops by stitching a piece of lace at the back of your shoulders and get a brand new outfit in no time at all.

9. Lace On Sleeves

things to do with lace trim

Tired of wearing those sleeveless tops? Or found a pretty piece but it ain’t with sleeves? Problem solved. Lace is the saviour for some awesome sleeves on your lovely outfit!

Lace sleeves are never out of fashion and playing peekaboo with those sexy arms won’t cost more than half a meter lace! Who said style’s costly?

10. Lacy Shorts

what to do with lace fabric

Laces are not all about sexy lingerie! Pick up that old plain pair of shorts and add some lacy layers to get an awesome sexy brand new shorts for that beach holiday you’ve been planning!

11. Refashion Your Tees

t-shirt refashion ideas, lace fabric ideas

There are plenty ways of adding some hues to your old tees! Get some funky laces and add them onto the front to create a lacy panel on your plain tee!

12. Hem Your Shorts

diy for hem the shorts

Laces have this natural touch of elegance! Add them to any outfits and you’re bound to turn some heads! How about adding a lacy hem to your nautical shorts? Trust us, you won’t regret a bit! This might come handy if you want to add some length to your hipsters.

13. Crop Up Your Sports Bra

diy bralette crop top, creative lace ideas

That sports bra that you wear once a month can do wonders with a lacy hem! Don’t belive us? Here’s your brand new version of cropped biking top for the next pool party.

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